Sponsoring Group


The Heritage Benevolent Association of Manitoba Inc., a group of committed Christians who have had an interest in ministry to seniors for many years, is the sponsor of Calvary Place Personal Care Home.

Rev. H. H. Barber, who was the pastor of Calvary Temple from 1953 to 1997, served as the Chairman of the Heritage Benevolent Association Board for many years before passing in 2020.

Calvary Place has no legal association with any individual church. However, it is committed to biblical standards of morality and selfless service. Residents will be accepted without bias as to race or creed. They will know that the choice to reside here will mean exposure to Christian values. Management personnel have been selected for their sense of mission as well as their skills. See our ‘Statement of Faith’ for more information.

Because of its status as a non-profit charitable institution Calvary Place welcomes donations from friends who want to share in its service to seniors. Please see our Donation page for more information.