Programs & Services

Twenty-four hour nursing care is provided. All nurses are registered with the College of Registered Nurses, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses or the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses. Health Care Aides have completed an accepted certificate program or one may be a student nurse in 2nd year of education. We also provide our facility for the universities and colleges to train nursing and HCA students.

Each resident is assigned to the care of a regular attending physician at Calvary Place unless other arrangements have been made. We have a Medical Director and guidelines for attending physicians. Emergency Medical Services (Ambulance) are contacted for acute medical emergencies

Most medications that are prescribed by the attending physician as part of a treatment program are covered by the PCH Program and the resident is not billed.
In exceptional situations where prescribed medications are not covered, these medications are billed to the resident. Family approval will be sought prior to ordering medications or treatments that will be a cost to the resident
No private medications or cures should be administrated to the resident without a doctor’s consent.

An Occupational Therapist does an assessment to ensure each resident is able to obtain wheelchairs, walkers or other equipment suited to their needs. Physical Therapy services are also available upon consult. Calvary Place has a full time Rehab Aide on staff to work with residents.

As part of psychosocial support, Calvary Place utilizes the Geriatric Mental Health Team located at Seven Oaks General Hospital. This resource is used on an as needed basis and consists of Clinical Specialists and a Psychiatrist. Our in-house physician may directly consult a psychiatrist as well.
Other aspects of our support services include a faith program and a palliative care program.

Housekeeping staff provides regular cleaning services. Walls and closets are cleaned regularly. Family members should periodically sort resident’s personal effects to replace seasonal clothing or remove items as needed. Taking home off-season clothing helps keep closets accessible.

Residents are responsible to provide appropriate washable clothing. All clothing will be clearly labelled with the resident’s name.
Calvary Place provides laundry services for resident’s personal clothing. WRHA Laundry Operations are used for all other items such as bedding and linen.


One family member is expected to be the finance contact person. This person receives all billings when the resident is no longer able to manage their own finances. This finance contact person should inform Calvary Place about address/telephone number changes, identify an alternate contact for emergencies, and keep other family members informed. The family finance contact may need to do monthly banking and annual income tax preparation as the resident’s needs progress.
When concerns arise, the Unit Manager or CEO/DOC should be contacted.

Our Faith Director greets new residents, does visitations and leads Worship Services and Bible studies. Interdenominational church services are provided.
The Faith Director will visit the new resident as soon as possible upon resident’s arrival at Calvary Place. The Faith Director will also meet with or contact family member(s) shortly after resident has moved in, to explain their role and to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

Interdisciplinary Resident Care Conferences with families are held six weeks post-admission, yearly and when necessary due to change or issues. This is an opportunity to review Resident Care Plans. Residents and/or family members, as well as the Health Care Team, update the Advanced Care Plan. Residents and/or family members are also given an opportunity to complete the Family Satisfaction Survey.

A volunteer coordinator is part of the Recreation Program. Because of the variety of activities, there are many opportunities to volunteer at Calvary Place. Interested friends and family should contact the Volunteer Coordinator. Youth as well as adult volunteers are needed.

The Hair Salon at Calvary Place is open at regularly scheduled times. Services are at the resident’s expense and may be charged through the resident’s trust account. Appointments should be scheduled through the Receptionist.

Calvary Place does not provide resuscitation to its residents in the event of a cardiac arrest. 911 is called when cardiac/respiratory arrest occurs and the resident has indicated on the  Advance Care Plan or Directive the wish to be resuscitated.
Our admitting hospital is Grace Hospital unless otherwise directed by the paramedics.

When end of life care needs are to be considered, the doctor and other health care providers will talk with you and your family regarding what treatment and care to expect.
Ensure that the resident’s will is in order so that the wishes of the resident and family are followed. Calvary Place should be informed about any advance funeral arrangements that have been made.

Calvary Place is a “least restraint facility”, believing that the use of restraints is an infringement of dignity. If a restraint is deemed necessary to protect the resident or others from harm, after alternatives have been tried, specific guidelines are followed, which include interdisciplinary involvement.

Calvary Place has an ‘Abuse of a Resident’ policy for the protection of all residents and requires Staff and Volunteers to sign showing that they will adhere to this policy.  Calvary Place ensures compliance with the Protection for Persons in Care Act. Staff must provide a Criminal Record Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check prior to employment at Calvary Place.

A Registered Dietician is on staff and ensures that the resident’s nutritional needs are met. Families should be aware of dietary restrictions and check with nursing staff before additional foods are brought in for residents.
Guests are welcome to join residents for a meal. Arrangements can be made 48 hours in advance and payment made to the Receptionist.

All exits are coded. Calvary Place uses a security entrance system at our front doors, requiring card access to enter or exit the building. If you are a frequent visitor, for a small fee we recommend purchasing a card or cards at Reception. There is also a door camera where you can call to have the door opened remotely.
Staff wear picture identification and enter or exit from the facility with a security card.
Residents at risk for wandering wear a Roam Alert Bracelet. There is also a memory loss unit that has a coded exit.

The maintenance staff at Calvary Place oversees the repair/upkeep of the building. Repair or replacement of personal items remains the resident’s/family’s responsibility.
All appliances must be checked by Calvary Place’s maintenance department before being used. Residents must demonstrate that they can operate their appliances safely.

The program aims to meet the physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs of each individual. To reach this goal, a variety of activities is planned. The program is coordinated by staff using volunteers, community and church groups.
Activities include exercises, seasonal parties, outings, shopping trips, sing-alongs and others. Activities are periodically arranged to provide residents an opportunity to pet or play with their favourite animals (e.g. dogs, cats, rabbits). Visitors may bring in a pet for a visit provided the pet is on a leash, is safe to be around other residents and staff, and is up to date on all vaccinations. PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19, activities using outside help or services coming into the facility are temporarily suspended until safe to resume. 

A podiatrist is available to Calvary Place as needed. Arrangements can be made through the Nurse. The fee for this service is payable by resident and is recoverable from Blue Cross if Extended Health Coverage is maintained.
A Foot Nurse visits every other week to provide toe nail cutting, treatment of calluses and other foot needs. The fee for this service is payable by resident and charged through the resident’s trust account. This charge is recoverable from Blue Cross if Extended Health Coverage is maintained.

Residents (or their families) initiate all arrangements with the dentist and may obtain the services of a Home Dental Care Program. Dental needs should be discussed with the Unit Nurse before arrangements are made.