About Us


The mission of Calvary Place is to provide the highest quality of care to the residents, in a Christian environment, as a genuine expression of Christ’s heart and ministry. This care reaches out to the residents’ families and significant others who are invited to share in maintaining Calvary Place as the residents’ home.

To accomplish the mission, Calvary Place has adopted a mandate that Christ-like care shall be the focus.

Each Resident is seen as an individual with unique and special needs.  As we strive toward fulfilling the golden rule of “doing unto others as we would have them do unto us” we shall demonstrate our Saviour’s love as commanded.


We will know we have accomplished our Vision when all care and service providers have fulfilled the Mission Statement and are benchmarks for other Personal Care Homes.


In accordance with our Mission Statement we believe that:

  •   Each Resident must be treated with dignity and respect.
  • The quality of life of each Resident is based on their uniqueness as a person.  This includes the fulfillment of their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs.
  •  All Residents have a right to maintain freedom, to be consulted and to exercise choice in matters pertaining to their health and welfare.
  •  Individuals have a right to services and programs, which maintain and maximize their quality of life including the fulfillment of their need for meaningful creative activity, privacy and fellowship.
  •  All residents should live in a comfortable, homelike atmosphere conducive to personal health and well-being.  This includes the right of Residents, Family and Staff to have input into those decisions that will have impact on the milieu of the Home.
  •  The sense of individual personal identity of the Resident is dependent on close, satisfying relationships with family, peers, significant others, associates and staff.
  •  We should respect the diversity of cultural and ethnic heritage of those we serve.
  •  The decision making process is a partnership, involving both Management and Staff.
  •  The Staff of Calvary Place Personal Care Home are our most important source of support and delivery of services.
  •  The Staff are accountable to their profession, their employer, themselves and the resident.
  •  Continuing education for Staff is necessary for excellence in performance.  Continuing education is a dual responsibility shared by the Home and the Staff member.
  •  Communication and fair treatment for all Staff strengthen and enhance the bond that links the community of the Home.
  •  Volunteers provide a significant contribution, and their participation is encouraged in the Home activities.
  •  Achievement of our goals is dependent on placing confidence in people, including residents, families, employees, board, physicians, volunteers, community, government and other health care providers.
  •  Education, research and innovation contribute to Continuous Quality Improvement